2016, 17年度バギオ地域日本人実績No.1!選ばれる理由は究極のコストパフォーマンス。フィリピンの教育都市バギオで口コミから広がった老舗格安校MONOL公式ブログ








My name is Mariko. I arrived here in Monol three months ago. Time flies by so fast. I can’t believe that today, I’m leaving. I am happy to spend on time in Monol.

Firstly, I really appreciate for my teachers. Each teachers are funny, kind, and eager to teach. They welcome my questions and taught me detailed instruction. Also, they like singing, dancing and giving penalty. So, I received and enjoyed many penalties. For instance; free hugs, face painting and eating spicy pancit canton (Philippino food). It’s here that I’ve realized teachers not only teach because they have to but they teach because they love to. I always thought that Monol is far different from academies in Japan, Here, I could find teachers who I can talk and share a lot of things with, and also learn from at the same time. I’ve never met the likes of Monol teachers in Japan. Thank you for having me in all your classes.

Secondly, I really appreciate my friends, especially over 40 people from my batch mate. In Japan, I couldn’t imagine having so many friends from several different countries. They are sometimes serious and sometimes crazy. I feel like I am an university or high school student again. I hope their dreams will come true.

Thirdly, for the kitchen staff. Thank you so much for cooking delicious foods. When I was sick, your rice soup helped me recover. Thank you for remembering my name and greeting me every meal time. Please continue cooking delicious foods for hungry Monol students.

Lastly, I am grateful for everyone’s support; to my soul mate, Kazu; to my Japanese manager, Amelie; and to my beloved room teacher, Mylen.

Since my leaving has finally arrived, I just want to say that I really had the most enjoyable and wonderful stay here. Advance Merry Christmas to everyone.